Apple TV gets new Siri features, small improvements


Apple unveiled some improvements to Apple TV at this year’s WWDC, especially with Siri. Users can now search for movies by topics, search YouTube videos, and manage HomeKit-connected accessories.

You can also ask Siri to go directly to a live channel inside of a supported app (for example, tell Siri to “Watch ESPN” will launch a live stream of ESPN) – however, this will probably be more useful in the United States.

Another US-centric feature announced was single sign-on to access Pay-TV video channels. This basically means users don’t have to authenticate themselves for every single app they download for Apple TV. This feature will also be included on iOS.

Other changes you’ll notice will be Apple Music. It features a brand new design to make it easier to navigate. In addition, Apple TV will feature a “dark mode” suitable for a home theatre environment or darker rooms.

The developer preview for tvOS – the operating system for Apple TV – is available now. The full release for consumers is coming later in spring.

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