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Unreal Engine Adds Support for DX12 Raytracing


Ever because Nvidia introduced its RTX GPUs, the firm has actually been banging the drum on ray mapping as a significant, essential attribute that will ultimately change the whole pc gaming market. However, the firm’s initiatives to advertise ray mapping as an absolutely impending Next Big Thing rather than a modern technology that’s constantly 4-5 years from intro has actually faced a trouble: There aren’t much video games that can make the most of the capacity.

There’s an unavoidable lag duration in between the intro of any kind of brand-new equipment ability and also the look of software application that can take significant benefit of stated equipment, yet in this situation, there’s an included crease. If you’re a video game designer that wishes to incorporate ray mapping right into your future video game, you require an engine efficient in dealing with ray mapping to begin with. Legendary has actually been speaking about ray mapping in Unreal Engine 4 for many years– the business demoed a real-time ray mapping work in Star Wars last springtime:

And after that followed it up with a SIGGRAPH trial called “The Speed of Light,” which you can likewise see listed below:

Fast onward to today, and also ray mapping assistance has actually been officially incorporated right into the upcoming variation of Unreal Engine 4, 4.22 (assistance is provided in Early Access, which Epic notes is meant to be made use of with care). The spot notes state: Added ray mapping reduced degree assistance. Executed a reduced degree layer in addition to UE DirectX 12 that offers assistance for DXR as well as enables developing and also utilizing ray mapping shaders (ray generation shaders, struck shaders, etc) to include ray mapping effects.Added top-level ray mapping functions Rect location lights Soft darkness Representations Mirrored darkness Ambient occlusion RTGI(actual time international lighting)Translucency Clearcoat


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