Travel Regrets: How to Do Peru Only Using Five Vacation Days

I find that as a 20-something traveler with singular paid time off we try to make a many of each vacation. That comes with maximizing vacation days and minimizing transport mishaps– yet transport problems seem to petiole me like a 6th class crush.

  • There was a time we requisitioned a bad hostel usually to arise adult to a 70-year-old male totally exposed in my face.
  • There was a time we requisitioned a tolerably rough AirBnb in a woods of Kentucky with no dungeon use and it incited out to be a loft-style room.
  • There was a time we opted to float a fast in Peru and drank a ton of H2O hence bringing a bug home with me.

All of these pretty absurd adventures never utterly busted a outing through. They all only combined a small something special to it. They’re a stories you’ll tell perpetually about “that one time we went to Washington” or “that one time we could have been murdered in Kentucky.”

None of those mishaps are anything we regret. My biggest transport bewail mostly comes from engagement initial and meditative later. Or removing held adult in a “act now” coercion of a deal. Here’s my favorite example:

, Travel Regrets:  How to Do Peru Only Using Five Vacation Days, Innovation ΛI

Most people would not call a $404 round-trip moody from Chicago to Peru a mistake – and it wasn’t. $404 to Peru is so unbelievably inexpensive that we would (and devise to) bound all over that understanding again and again.

I saw a understanding and felt like we couldn’t wait. Machu Picchu had been on a tip of my bucket list for so prolonged and we suspicion it was going to take years of savings. So we requisitioned a moody though unequivocally meditative – in between my sister’s college graduation and a TBEX discussion we was compulsory to attend. That left me 6 days in Peru. SIX DAYS.

Here’s a discerning image of my whirlwind itinerary:

Day one: Fly out of Midway to Atlanta and afterwards Atlanta to Lima

, Travel Regrets:  How to Do Peru Only Using Five Vacation Days, Innovation ΛI

Spent a night in a Lima airfield to locate a 5AM moody out to Cusco. (Helpful tip: a Lima airfield indeed has armrest-free seats and creates for a ideal place to take a nap.)

Day Two: Acclimate and Explore Cusco

After removing in and holding a brief nap, my crony and we set out to try a city. We went to a stunningly colorful marketplace and afterwards ate cooking unaware a Plaza De Armas.

We also took a day to book a in-country tours. We had listened over and over again not to book anything until we got there since a markups on prices were impassioned in a US. So we went to a creditable hostel to book both of a Cusco excursions.

Day Three: White H2O rafting in a Sacred Valley

The initial outing we requisitioned was whitewater rafting in a Sacred Valley. While Machu Picchu was a many considerable partial of a vacation, rafting was simply a many fun. We went with Peru Rafting and had a fanciful time rafting down a Urubamba River for dual hours. The lunch that was supposing was extraordinary and afterwards we zip lined on something that might be questionably safe, though incited out alright in a end.

Day Four: Whirlwind outing to Machu Picchu

, Travel Regrets:  How to Do Peru Only Using Five Vacation Days, Innovation ΛI

Even meditative about this day creates me tired. This is where a outing gets hairy and we unequivocally started to bewail my evident engagement decisions. We woke adult to locate a sight to Ollantaytambo during 3:30AM in sequence to locate a sight to Aguas Calientes. We took a sight from Aguas Calientes adult to Machu Picchu and started a walking debate from there.

This is where we truly satisfied what an epic mistake we had made. With a singular time we had in Peru, there was no approach for us to stand Machu Picchu Mountain and take a story debate and try on a own. It significantly singular a time spent exploring a series one thing during a tip of my bucket list.

Day Five: Fly into Lima and Explore

After removing behind from Machu Picchu during 1:30AM, we took a cat snooze and hopped on a craft behind to Lima. We’d listened churned reviews about Peru’s largest city, though were dynamic to make a best of a 36 hours there.

The one thing we requisitioned forward of time was a Lima Gourmet Tour and we could not pronounce rarely adequate about it. At $130, it was one of a some-more costly things we did on a outing though authorised us an event to eat a approach around South America’s gastronomy center. We schooled to make ceviche, pisco sours and tasted authentic Peruvian cuisine during some of a nicest restaurants in a city.

Day Six: Explore Lima and Fly Out

This left us with a day to explore. We took a giveaway walking debate around a city core that left from Kennedy Park in Miraflores. Go to Kennedy Park if we like animals. There are literally hundreds of cats there and we fell in adore with each one of them. (Fun Fact: The city binds adoption events for people looking to take home a kitten.)

And that was it – a whole outing to Peru. Needless to contend we have my regrets. we wish when I’d requisitioned a outing we hadn’t suspicion so most about preserving vacation days and had taken a time to devise out my journey before attack squeeze on my flights.

, Travel Regrets:  How to Do Peru Only Using Five Vacation Days, Innovation ΛI

With a calculable series of vacation days we unequivocally try to widen them as most as possible. we wasn’t prepared for all of a extraordinary things there was to do outward of Machu Picchu. we also wasn’t prepared for how distant divided all was so nothing of a excursions were a “quick trip” they were all full-day affairs.

Long story brief – before attack contention on your subsequent transport understanding while your trainer isn’t looking, during slightest wait until lunch and make certain a vacation is doable, and, in fact, a vacation. I’m still celebration pisco sours perplexing to recover.

Katy is a blogger behind Windward Traveler. She frequently finds herself providing updates from a highway as a bustling communications veteran in a transport industry. Her specialties operation from carrying a misfortune transport fitness to anticipating a best brunch spots and dive bars – it only depends on a day. You can follow along on a subsequent journey here.

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