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This multi-port appendage adds behind all Apple private from a latest MacBook Pro


Apple’s new MacBook Pro is a dongle-happy disaster for anyone who uses peripherals made before to 2017, given a complement usually supports Thunderbolt 3 by default. Apple’s resolution to a problem has been to pull users towards a accumulation of dongles for replacing several aspects of Mac functionality. There’s zero alone wrong with dongles, though regulating 2-4 of them on a appurtenance presumably engineered for svelte lines and elementary user practice doesn’t lay good with many users. Enter a HyperDrive — an all-in-one Kickstarter plan that hopes to replicate all of a ports that are blank on a stream MacBook Pro in a singular product.

The HyperDrive includes support for HDMI outlay (1080p and 4K@30Hz), Thunderbolt 3 pass-through, USB-C, SD and microSD cards, and 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports with support for 5Gbps of speed. HyperDrive claims that a complement is able of adult to 45Gb/s of bandwidth, that seems to indicate that while a complement plugs into dual Thunderbolt 3 slots on possibly a right or left-hand side of a machine, it can’t entirely daub a bandwidth of both ports (otherwise limit fanciful bandwidth would be in a 80GB/s range).


Even so, a claims here are impressive. Hyper promises it can offer coexisting entrance to USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, SD cards, and 2x USB 3.1 ports all while charging a laptop itself.

Left unanswered is because Apple itself hasn’t built this form of product yet. Even if a association wanted to offer singular cables or dongles for those people with one specific use, it could still make and sell an all-in-one resolution like this to fill a many common use cases that a possess hardware no longer allows. No dongle will ever strike each singular pier capability anyone competence want, though a ports and options here are plain and should fit probably any situation.

The HyperDrive will be accessible in both china and Space Gray and is machined out of CNC aluminum to compare a MBP itself. Availability is approaching in March, with a final sell cost of $100 (KS backers will accept their hardware for $70). We don’t routinely cover Kickstarter campaigns on ET, and this essay shouldn’t be mistaken as an endorsement, though Hyper is a ten-year-old association that sells a possess peripherals, accessories, and products. This puts it during slightest a tiny step adult from other projects. Mac business might not wish to wait for months to get a resolution to a dongle problem, though if a timing lines adult for your personal squeeze this might be value profitable courtesy to.

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