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Sound Energy

by Just Energy | Educational Can we use sound energy to turn noise into forms of energy? Sounds crazy, but we discover different types of energy all the time — especially when it comes to renewables — and sound energy is just another kind. Around the world, it’s hard to …

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Google Smart Shopping

I am sure that you have already heard about Google Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC). But are you new to using these in your campaigns? Or do you need a few reasons to try it out? In this article, I will be comparing SSC versus standard Shopping campaigns with the main …

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SEO & website design: Everything you need to know

Your website is the center of your digital marketing world — the place that all digital rivers run toward. And of course, the largest of its traffic sources is generally organic search. Yet all too often, businesses don’t think about SEO until after having a website designed (or redesigned), and these …

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Everything You Need To Know About Canadian Music Week 2017

While our neighbours south of the border will be partying in the desert at Coachella, Toronto will be celebrating the 35th annual Canadian Music Week. This unique event puts a spotlight on the business of music by bringing Sound Recording, New Media and Broadcast together into a single week of celebrations. …

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Why People Are Putting Liquid Aminos in Everything

Photo: Pond5 If you’ve been to a health food store lately, you may have noticed a product called liquid aminos gracing the shelves. Jim White, RDN, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says that liquid aminos are sold in pour or spray bottles and contains naturally-occurring essential and …

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Everything You Need to Know About Electroacupuncture

Photo: Pond5 You’re probably familiar with the thousands-year-old practice of acupuncture, touted as a remedy for everything from chronic pain to asthma to infertility. But now, this wellness treatment is getting a serious boost…from an electrical current. While electroacupuncture isn’t entirely new, it’s definitely becoming more popular. How it works: “You …

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