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The Third Season Of Scream Will Finally Be Released, But Not On MTV

When the second season of Scream ended in October of 2016, a third season was quickly announced. At that point the original story-line had ended, and the third season was said to follow a whole new plot, with all new characters. It was also said to be bringing back the original “Ghost-Faced Killer” from the hit movie series. They’d even announced some of the cast at that point. Unfortunately nothing ever came of it, and it fell through the cracks. At that point MTV moved away from scripted programming for the most part as well, so it didn’t look to be likely that the show would ever return. That changed yesterday though when it was announced not only when the show would air, but where as well.

Scream’s third season, officially called Scream: Resurrection, will debut on July 8th, on MTV’s sister station VH1. The plan is for two one-hour episodes to air back to back for three straight nights, until all six episodes have aired. The season will follow the story of Deion Eliiot (played by RJ Cyler), a football star who finds himself facing his tragic past. It effects not only his life though, and his future plans, but the lives of his friends as well. Also starring in season 3 are Mary J. Blige, Tyga, Keke Palmer, Tyler Posey, Giorgia Whigham, CJ Wallace, Jessica Sula, and Giullian Yao Gioiello. Wes Craven, the horror mastermind who created the original films the show is based on is still credited as an executive producer, even though he passed away in 2015.

You can watch the trailer for Scream: Resurrection below.


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