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If Monday’s announcement that Tom Bergeron would not be returning to Dancing With The Stars after 15 years of hosting the series, followed by the announcement that his co-host Erin Andrews wouldn’t be returning either, wasn’t shocking enough, then today’s announcement might just be the kicker. Tyra Banks has been announced as the new host and executive producer of the long-running reality competition series.

Supermodel and America’s Next Top Model star Tyra Banks appeared on Good Morning America to make the announcement, and make promises that big changes were on the way.

“Let’s just keep this real: It is going to be so next-level,” Banks saids. “[We’re] keeping the stuff that we know America loves, but you need to get ready because it’s going to be different!”

The 46-year old appeared to be excited by not only being the first black host of DWTS, but being the first solo host in the series’ history. She stated  “I like breaking those doors down so that we don’t have anymore firsts. But, it’s nice to be first, right? So that you can let so many more people in after you.”

The competitors for the upcoming season have yet to be announced, but with Tyra Banks aboard it’s looking like ABC should be expecting a ratings bump.

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