The Backstreet Boys Release New Single And Video

The Backstreet Boys are, ummm, back, and their new single Don’t Go Breaking My Heart may just be their first real hit in years.

The Boys, or really men as they should be known now, released their new single and video late last night, and ever since then social media has been talking about it. The catchy tune (not to be confused with the Elton John song by the same name) has proven that the group still has it, even after all this time.

Band members AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell are now all in their 40s, with the baby of the band being Nick Carter who is 38. Both the video and song provide the kind of nostalgia you would expect from the group, and to see that they can still hold their own when it comes to choreography is just what you’d hope for. The group is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, as well as being in the middle of a Las Vegas residency. They haven’t released a new album since 2013, and although they haven’t announced any plans to change that,  it seems like one is on the way. 

Richardson said in a statement to Billboard that “The minute we heard this song, we knew it was special. I geeked out over the piano and synths. When that groove drops on the second verse, COME ON. Great verse, hook and melodies. Just makes you wanna listen over and over again.”

It will be interesting to see what else the Boys have in store for us this year. 




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