Samsung Not Willing To Pay More Galaxy Note 7 Compensation

Galaxy Note 7

When Samsung recalled their Galaxy Note 7 handset, they gave their customers the choice of a full refund or a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge device.

The company also gave their customers a number of incentives to change their handsets, although soe customers are not happy with this.

Samsung is facing a class action lawsuit over the Note 7 in South Korea and the company has now said that they have paid enough compensation for the Note 7.

“We gave enough compensations and benefits to Note 7 consumers. The damages consumers are claiming are within the range that is endurable,” local news reports quoted the written opinion by Samsung Electronics submitted to the court last week.

The compensation refers to a mobile coupon amounting to up to 100,000 won ($86) and the chance to upgrade the Note 7 to the upcoming Galaxy S8 for half the price.

The Note 7 problems has cost Samsung a lot of money, the exact amount is not known as yet but it is expected to exceed $1 billion.

Source Korea Herald

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