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Full details, photos of the Samsung Galaxy S8 just leaked

It’s never easy keeping a lid on the various details of a smartphone, but some companies try much harder than others. Apple, even in the post-Jobs era, tries to keep some upcoming features on lockdown. Samsung, in contrast, tends to leak like a sieve — and the full details and …

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Samsung reveals root cause of Galaxy Note 7 failures, fires

Ever since Samsung recalled, reissued, and double-recalled the Galaxy Note 7, there’s been curiosity and contention over what, exactly, killed the phone. This has ranged from the conspiratorial (Apple is paying the media to manufacture reports of fires) to the prosaic explanation that whatever battery failure killed the first round …

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Samsung Smart TV update forces users to see ads

Once upon a time, goods and services in the United States were exchanged on a straightforward basis: You bought a product, the manufacturer sold a product, and everybody went home happy. Over the last decade we’ve seen companies move away from this model, from so-called ‘freemium’ games to the widespread …

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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

After a lot of teasers and leaked information, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, a fifth era of a South Korean manufacturer’s inscription was finally revealed. And boy, what a good device it is! It perceived a lot of certain feedback, from both users and tech authorities, and we can totally relate. …

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Samsung And Others Create Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA)

Samsung has announced that it has teamed adult with a operation of other companies who are operative on Virtual Reality to emanate a Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA). The companies embody Samsung, Google, Acer, HTC, Oculus and Sony Interactive Entertainment, a companies will work together to rise and share best …

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