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Safe Zone, a Melbourne, Florida innovation start-up, today announced it will present its Safe Zone Shooting Detector (GFD) at CES 2019 (January 8-11, 2019) in the Stampede Cubicle # 25708 in South Hall 2.

“The Safe Zone system responds within 10 seconds to an active shooter circumstance, evaluating the on-the-ground scenario and immediately communicating with all crucial workers, from first responders to school administrators to parents and management,” Safe Zone President Mike Anderson stated.

Developed and made in the United States, and priced at $149.00 per system, the Safe Zone Gunfire Detector integrates infrared and sound detection innovations with immediate cloud-based data analysis.

By making use of the information from multiple detectors simultaneously, the system determines the location of shots fired, the variety of shots, and the type and quality of weapon being used. Within 10 seconds of the trigger pull, an alert is sent to Public Security Gain Access To Points in the proper dispatch center.

The Safe Zone Shooting Detector is a small (less than 3″ x 3″) triangular system that installs in a ceiling corner and provides gunfire detection for a location of up to 9,000 ft3.

Each detector keeps track of ambient sound and infrared level, with a complete second of information recorded around any instance of an abrupt increase in noise or light level. If an Infrared flash or sound more than 10 dB louder than ambient noise is discovered, all detectors in variety send out the caught acoustic and IR signals to Safe Zone’s cloud-based machine discovering system where they are compared against a database of countless signatures of recognized guns and other non-firearm disruptions. The system examines more than 3000 datapoints in each record. False alarms like automobile backfires, firecrackers or balloons popping are filtered out through their distinct acoustic signatures.

To find out more, contact Mike Anderson directly at!.?.! or visit the business at the Stampede CES show at Cubicle # 25708 in South Hall 2.


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