QUANTIC NANOTECH to Present Wearable for Osteoarthritis at CES 2019|Wearable Technologies

QUANTIC NANOTECH, an item department of Spanish DEMAC S.A. group will present the first real wearable gadget for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis in Eureka Park at CES 2019.

The hassle-free and user friendly device is produced house usage. Controlled by any mobile phone or as standalone IoT device, the wearable enables remote tracking by medical workers.

“Three years earlier, I was detected with hand osteoarthritis. When I went to the medical facility, I found the treatment so cumbersome and complex that I decided to develop a more easy and efficient solution for everyone,” stated Jose Luis Torre DEMAC group CEO and author of numerous worldwide related published patents.

The product won awards at numerous global shows like InPEX Pittsburgh, ITEX Indonesia and ‘Beauty salon International des Inventions’ Geneva and integrates innovative innovations like memory shaped alloys and latest generation materials, stated a news release.”The tailored adaptation in addition to the possibility of using topical treatments offered for this gadget can be very useful in hand osteoarthritis, stated Dr. Juan Mulero MD Rheumatologist of the Ruber Internacional Healthcare Facility of Madrid. “This device is a method to use at the same time and during the night a number of modalities of treatment in the osteoarthritic hand. This disease is extremely typical, because according to the Framingham Osteoarthritis Research study it produces in US signs of discomfort and deformity in 16% of females and in 8% of males. The regional management of hand osteoarthritis combines both non-pharmacological and medicinal methods. Topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are suggested as a first-line medicinal treatment, and splints might offer heat, support and stabilization of joints,” he added.

Our CEO Christian Stammel will participate in CES 2019 and likewise become part of the conference track Wearable Tech Top on January 9. The best preview on what will be awaiting you at the WT|Wearable Technologies Conference EUROPE 2019 will give you a deep dive into the existing momentum of the wearable market and how you can turn the previous hype into mass volume. Our 33rd edition of the WT Conference will be bigger than ever with more than 1.500 m2 floor area and over 80.000 visitors from WT and ISPO integrated into the new development hall C6 of the Munich Tradeshow. More than 60 top-level speakers coming from Bayer, BMW, Casio, Gore, Microsoft, and STMicroelectronics will provide you most current insights in their applications and digitalization techniques by means of IoT and WT solutions and drive your business advancement. In the afternoon of the very first day, you will get likewise the opportunity to be linked to 30 future stars of our community by means of our yearly IOT/WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP ® pitch and award event.

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