Qualcomm starts sampling a 48-core 10nm processor, though is a marketplace prepared for ARM-based servers?


Just over a year ago, Qualcomm announced that it would chuck a shawl into a server marketplace with a 24-core server processor built on a possess tradition ARM architecture. Even during a time, we knew a 24-core chip was usually a prototype, yet it’s still startling to see Qualcomm going all-in with a 48-core chip built on 10nm routine record and scheduled to launch in 2017. The new chip family is a Qualcomm Centriq 2400 with adult to 48 cores, all formed on a Qualcomm Falkor CPU.

“The Qualcomm Centriq 2400 array processors will expostulate high performance, energy fit ARM-based servers from judgment to reality,” pronounced Anand Chandrasekher, comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous manager, Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc. “Qualcomm requires a heading corner of integrated circuit record to broach high opening during low energy for a newest reward smartphones. We are initial in 10nm IC record for mobile, and leveraging a imagination in ARM processors and complement on chip design, we are a initial with a Qualcomm Centriq family of server processors to move a heading corner to a datacenter.”


An progressing 24-core antecedent Centriq.

Qualcomm isn’t releasing any technical information or opening information on a new chip yet, so it’s formidable to know how a chip will review with a x86 competitors. Even if we assume rival performance, however, Qualcomm is confronting a hilly highway to widespread blurb deployment.

Qualcomm’s high climb

Let’s get a few things out of a approach first. If we were looking for a association with a chops to launch a vital server partial formed on ARM, Qualcomm would be on a brief list of companies that could even lift it off. It moves adequate mobile chips to authority foundry courtesy for a information core efforts, it has income to deposit in an bid of this sort, it has determined itself as a pattern organisation that can build tradition cores, and a money pot will concede it to plea Intel in ways AMD simply can’t match. So far, so good.

But observant that Qualcomm has a best possibility to deliver ARM servers that could severely plea Intel isn’t a same as observant Qualcomm’s ARM servers will plea Intel, and a demon is going to be really most in a details. AMD’s Seattle launch of a possess hardware was behind partly since a ARM program ecosystem wasn’t mature adequate to build a rival product until early this year, and other vendors that have fielded ARM-based servers, like Calxeda, have sealed their doors. AppliedMicro hasn’t announced any vital customers, and Cavium usually recently began shipping hardware in volume. AMD, meanwhile, has shifted ARM hardware wholly to a behind burner. At a new Credit Suisse Technology conference, AMD CEO Lisa Su was asked to give an refurbish on a company’s ARM roadmap. She responded:

So, from an ARM standpoint, we trust a ARM pattern is positively critical in certain marketplace segments. From a view, we offer ARM as partial of a tradition roadmap. From a customary product roadmap, though, all of a eggs are in a x86 basket, and a indicate is there is usually so most TAM for us to residence with x86 and GPUs that’s where we’re focusing a business.

The prolonged and brief of this is that K12 might not technically be dead, yet AMD clearly isn’t blazing any bid to move a chip to market, either. Based on stream server trends, that’s a really intelligent bet. From a low-power cloud play that early ARM players envisioned to severe Intel in upper-end information centers, nothing of a existent vendors have had most fitness sparking a genuine rival position. Heck, there’s some-more signs of life in IBM’s OpenPOWER initiative, and we wouldn’t have taken that gamble when IBM announced it several years ago.

If any association is going to make ARM servers work, it’ll be Qualcomm, yet a association has a complicated lift before it can spin that sold dream into reality. We’ll see in a behind half of 2017 either there are any legs on a thought or not. By afterwards we should also have some petrify information on AMD’s skeleton for Zen as a server CPU, and a improved bargain of how that chip will contest as well.

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