Product Hunt Is Being Acquired By AngelList For A Reported $20 Million

Product Hunt

Product Hunt has suggested that it has been acquired by AngelList and while a dual companies did not exhibit a terms of a acquisition, reports advise that a understanding is around $20 million.

As partial of a merger Product Hunt will continue as an eccentric height for anticipating new apps and products.

AngelList exists to offer a tech companies that are moulding a world. Over 300K companies and 5M people use a network for exchange like fundraising and recruiting. They’ve lifted scarcely $500M and been introduced to over 325K candidates.

With Product Hunt, we can assistance companies with their many critical transaction: appropriation customers. Companies of all sizes launch products on Product Hunt. Companies like Google, Uber, Instagram, AngelList, Meerkat and Overnight. They adore it. And they’ve perceived over 100M product clicks and views from impending business on Product Hunt.

You can find out some-more information about a understanding between AngelList and Product Hunt during a links below.

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