Plex Media Player Launches New Kodi Plugin

Plex Media Player

The group of developers behind a overwhelming Plex Media Player, that allows we to tide your films and media collection both opposite your internal network and serve afield if desired, permitting we to watch your home film collection on your mobile inclination while divided from home.

Has this week announced a launch of a new Plex for Kodi plugin that lets we entrance a Plex knowledge from within a Kodi media application. Which used to be called XBMC before it was altered to Kodi.

Even yet a new plug-in provides entrance to many of a facilities now accessible in a Plex Media Player, a few facilities such as Plex Companion remote control support, channel support, and a integrate of song facilities are absent. The Plex group explains some-more :

If you’re a home museum bulb who’s been following along during home, you’ve substantially listened of Kodi. Maybe you’ve even flirted with it (gasp!) as an choice to Plex! It’s okay, we’re not mad! The law is Kodi is a flattering absolute media actor in a possess right, and if we wish gigantic customizability and some-more switches and knobs than we can shake a hang at, Kodi might be a actor for you. Today, we’re announcing a code new approach to have your cake and eat it too in a form of an central Plex appendage for Kodi.

We’ve been operative closely with some of a best Kodi appendage developers in a universe to emanate an awesome, fully-immersive Plex knowledge within Kodi. Seriously: once you’re adult and running, you’ll never know it’s not Plex! You get a same Plex server discovery, user switching, beautiful library browsing, and media playback knowledge we know and love, and a few (okay, a few dozen) some-more settings to tweak to your heart’s content. The Plex for Kodi appendage is a Plex Pass usually preview, and we can find it in a new Plex for Kodi forums.

For some-more information on a new Plex for Kodi plugin burst over to a central proclamation on a Plex blog around a couple below.

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