Nissan Offers VIR Track Instruction with GT-R Purchase


The Nissan GT-R isn’t accurately a lightweight when it comes to sports cars, though a large AWD savage is positively during home on a competition lane with a learned driver. The locate is that drivers don’t start out skilled, it takes some instruction and lots of practice. Nissan has announced that buyers of a GT-R between certain dates will get a giveaway day of lane instruction.

The lane where a instruction will take place is VIR or Virginia International Raceway. Nissan says a day during a lane is value $2,000 and it comes with all GT-Rs purchased from Nov 14, 2016 and Mar 31, 2017. As with many lane day “freebies” we have to feet a check to get we and your automobile to VIR.

I consider it’s a good thing that we get to go to a lane in your car, it’s always elite to learn to expostulate YOUR automobile over punishment on a manufacturer’s lane prepped rides like other lane programs from Ford or Cadillac do. The module keeps a guaranty on your glossy new GT-R in place as well.

via Car and Driver]

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