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Thermalright Socket Warping

(Photo: Taobao)Over the past month or so there have been reports of Alder Lake customers with bent or warped CPU sockets. Although it’s still not clear if this is happening only on certain boards, it’s legit enough that Intel has confirmed it is happening. No need to worry though, says …

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IBM’s New System Z CPU

IBM shared new details on its upcoming Telum CPU at Hot Chips, and the new microarchitecture looks to be a significant advance over the older z15. This will be IBM’s first 7nm CPU built using Samsung’s EUV and a huge step forward for Samsung as far as demonstrating its EUV …

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New Beagle Board

  We’ve been tracking the rise of RISC-V since the ISA debuted nearly a decade ago. While the highest-performing RISC-V CPUs are still far behind their x86 or ARM equivalents, the absolute level of performance you can get from a RISC-V core is increasing rapidly. Even better, especially for those …

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Sony Cyberpunk 2077

  The rapidly evolving Cyberpunk 2077 situation took another two twists this week. First, Sony — aka “The Company That Gives No Refunds” — has announced it will be handing out refunds where Cyberpunk 2077 is concerned. Furthermore, the game is being stripped from the PlayStation store: Holy shit. https://t.co/xy9FnkwLK8 …

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B2B and B2C Brands

Traditional media spending, including local TV, print, radio, out-of-home and direct mail, will be down between 15% and nearly 50% this year, depending on the medium. Some advertisers will never return, having shifted spending entirely to digital channels. The decline of traditional, local media spending, however, doesn’t eliminate the need …

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Yelp For Local Businesses

Yelp offers upgraded COVID reopening tools for local businesses, restaurants Yelp has arguably gone further than Google in providing specialized communication tools for local businesses during COVID-19. And Tuesday, the company announced a number of new features specifically for businesses and restaurants reopening now. COVID update replaces the banner. Described …

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