LG Taking Huge ‘Ultra’ Monitors to CES 2019

The Apple Watch 4 can perform now an ECG (electrocardiogram). Apple is not a medical company, however they are able to establish a smartwatch that can do ECGs. This simply shows the potential what business in the healthcare and pharma industry would have the ability to finish with wearable innovation. The future of treatments will be much more technical and include smart devices that clients use or perhaps get implanted.

The Digital Health Summit at the CES 2019 will be the stage for brand-new digital options in health consisting of wearables. Another place to discover brand-new wearables in the health sector is the Wearable Tech event at the CES. This event has a sector for health and wellness wearables.

If the CES is too overwhelming, there will be Wearable Technologies only conference in Munich in February 2019 that has a huge concentrate on wearables in healthcare and pharmaceuticals field. The Wearable Technologies 2019 Europe will begin Feb. 3, 2019 . I4U News readers get a 20 % discount rate on tickets for the WT Wearable Technologies Conference 2019 with code WT_i4u.

We anticipate several announcements of brand-new wearables in the digital health field to come out of CES 2019.

CES 2019 will run January 8-11, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is the world’s biggest and most prominent innovation event, featuring 4,500 exhibitors throughout 2.75 million net square feet of exhibition area. The hottest trends of CES 2019 include 5G connection, artificial intelligence, enhanced and virtual reality, mobility, wise home, wise cities, sports tech, maker learning and more. Read the most current CES 2019 News.

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