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LG has a lot to show off at next year’s CES in Vegas. Amongst them are the Capsule-based craft beer making maker and these: LG SL Series Noise Bars. Now, we do not have the numbers, but I am guessing LG’s first partnership with Meridian Audio on its premium noise bars introduced at CES 2018 need to have been quite well gotten due to the fact that, LG and the premium British audio maker has once again teamed up to introduce a new series of sound bars, specifically SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG, which the electronic juggernaut will debut at, you thought it, CES 2019.

LG SL9YG Sound Bar

LG SL9YG Sound Bar Aesthetically, the SL noise bars seem to have actually acquired the minimal, & sleek look of SK series noise bar. Speaking of which, the SL series sound bars features Meridian’s Bass & Space innovation that assured improved soundstage and covers listeners in rich, uncompromising sound and strong bass, and Image Elevation technology to a sound-from-TV effect. Wait a minute. Didn’t the SK already have those? Hmmm. Anyways, there is a brand-new Upmix technology that “up-mix two-channel audio to several, distinct channels without producing any distortion while keeping tonal balance,” perpetuity offering a boost in singing and lead instruments clarity.

LG SL Series Sound Bars CES 2019

LG SL9YG Noise Bar And then there is naturally Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, both of which are supported by all 3 models. LG stated some premium noise bars will support high-resolution audio “by means of an advanced processing algorithm that can upscale standard file formats” to lead to audio output that “comes even closer to studio quality.” Wireless Back speaker Kit, probably sold individually, can be utilized with these sound bars to produce a more theater-like experience. The brand-new lineup of sound bars also boasts AI wise connection (generally wise center) and Google Assistant constructed right into them, so you can ask questions and manage the sound bar and other link gadgets via voice commands.

Oh, wait. Obviously there’s a gyroscope constructed into the sound bar too. The gyro serves to sense the position of the sound bar and change the sound instructions to “ensure the optimal listening experience.” You will be able experience what LG SL Series Sound Bars needs to provide at LG’s cubicle in Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, cubicle # 11100 at CES 2019.

All images courtesy of LG.

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