HTC Creates Vive Studios To Build New First Party VR Experiences

Vive Studios

HTC has now announced a origination of a new business in a form of Vive Studios, that has been combined to build initial celebration practical existence games and practice for a HTC Vive practical existence headset.

To date a HTC Vive has sole over 140,000 units as of late Oct 2016, and is now looking to pull out calm to these users and with a aim of holding practical existence to a masses.

Joel Breton, VP of calm during HTC Vive, pronounced that a studio is committed to building titles that prominence a advantages of full 360-degree room-scale tracking, referencing a stipulations of a tracking systems on a Sony PS VR and the Oculus Rift.

As good as announcing a arrangement of Vive Studios, HTC also suggested Arcade Saga that is now underneath growth by HTC’s inner studio 2 Bears. As good as a new collection of 3 arcade titles that will take place in first-person 3D, including sharpened gallery, during that we are versed with a crawl and arrow as good as a Breakout-style game, and VR list tennis game.

Source: Tech Crunch

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