Microsoft Cortana App Coming To The UK (Video)

Microsoft Cortana App

Microsoft has given a Cortana app a new demeanour and a association has also announced that they are bringing a app to a UK.

The Cortana app is entrance to a UK on both iOS and Android, have a demeanour during a video next that shows off a new design.

The Cortana Android and iOS apps are entrance to a UK, fluctuating a functionality of your Cortana on Windows 10 to whatever smartphone we carry, always in ideal sync, always assisting we stay on tip of things.

Since releasing Cortana on Android and iOS a year ago in a US, we have been revelation us what we favourite and how you’d like it to be improved.  We listened.  We’ve combined a some-more simplified demeanour and feel for a apps, designed with your mobile life in mind. Now we can get to what we need faster and easier than ever before with discerning actions, putting a many visit things we do front and center, so environment a sign or observation your reminders is only a daub divided when we don’t wish to use voice.

You can find out some-more information about a Microsoft Cortana app for both Apple’s iOS height and Google’s Android height during a couple below.

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