How Backpacking in Central America is Completely Different Than Anywhere Else

The Central American backpacker track differs severely from a Southeast Asian and European cousins. It’s a opposite monster; a many some-more good-looking, older, hiking monster.

Traveling by CA valid over and over again that any expectations we carried from prior trips contingency be thrown out a window. This was somewhat to be approaching due to a differences in a regions themselves. Central America has a lot of unrest stemming from assault now that usually isn’t felt in Southeast Asia. Although they share latitudes, a climates, histories and stream tourism trends differ greatly.

What sets a Central American backpacker track apart? we am blissful we asked.

Flights are distant from cheap

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In Southeast Asia and Europe, typically, flights between countries are reduction than $50. This creates it insanely easy to usually crack to whatever place we wish to go to subsequent in a few hours instead of wasting days in close busses or trains. In Central America, flights from Guatemala to Nicaragua, for instance start during $250 one way. Who has a moola for that! Busses and shuttles are a kings of backpacker transportation. This brings me to my subsequent point:

There is a tangible backpacker trail

For a many part, travelers hang to roving from north to south or clamp versa. Everyone we encountered possibly usually left where we came from or was streamer that direction. This is unequivocally partially to do with a fact that a geographical blueprint is unequivocally linear (nice word, huh? ? ) instead of a large splot of countries chunked together. It creates it easy to transport in a path. And partially due to what we pronounced adult there ^ about flights being disagreeable expensive. Bus transport is inexpensive and LONG. Many travelers will stop during a same towns along a track for a day or dual to get a train float break. El Tunco in El Salvador’s explain to celebrity (amongst many other things) is being a good median indicate between Antigua, Guatemala and León, Nicaragua.

The series of hostels and guesthouses are many lower

Each city we came to had significantly fewer options of places to stay. The peculiarity of a options customarily sundry greatly so a infancy of people stayed in a same 2-3 in any area.

You run into a same people over and over and over and over again

, How Backpacking in Central America is Completely Different Than Anywhere Else, Innovation ΛI

Let’s recap: flights are costly so everybody rides a same busses, a countries are in a line or linear if we will so everybody follows a same path, there are usually a few hostels in any place with a usually a handful being peculiarity spots so everybody stays in a same place. Doesn’t it make clarity that we run into a same people everywhere?? we didn’t consider this was unequivocally a same box in many of Asia since people had all opposite routes they took. Every once in a blue moon you’d see a same oddball twice and run for a hills! In my track down Central we ran into a same organisation of British guys in San Pedro, Guat., afterwards in Antigua, Guat. afterwards during a limit to El Salvador during 8 am, afterwards in El Tunco, El Salv., afterwards in León, Nica. (where they forced us to do a lava shot plea during Bigfoot hostel on attainment since it had gotten uncanny that we were using into them everywhere) then, finally, in San Juan Del Sur. We never took a same train or designed to leave or stay in a same places, a stars all aligned and it always usually happened. Speaking of a associate backpackers….

Backpackers were a hold comparison and mostly some-more mature

I contend this with a pellet of salt. we am also some-more mature and comparison than we was during my outing in Asia that could meant we sought out associate travelers in a same age joint and maturity. But we unequivocally consider it was a majority. Most backpackers were 25+. we consider this is due to a reserve stigmas of a regions. Little 18 year olds don’t wish to risk removing knifed or robbed. 28 year olds though, we are mature and obliged and those things wouldn’t occur to us.

The nightlife was a hold some-more chill

, How Backpacking in Central America is Completely Different Than Anywhere Else, Innovation ΛI

I consider this is since everybody was a bit older, with a bit some-more ragged out livers. we positively can’t bruise tequila shots like we once could. (I attempted one day during 5pm, it finished with me in bed during 8:30pm…) I’m not observant it doesn’t exist, check out Sunday Funday in SJDS if you’re looking for an all day raver! Speaking of travelers….

Everyone is really, really, ridiculously good looking

Is it usually me, or is EVERYONE who backpacks in Central amazingly attractive?? My crony and we had a impulse a initial night out in Antigua where we stopped, looked around, and both gawked about how appealing each singular chairman there was. we know what all we Aussies are thinking… that’s since a lot of us transport there. Well, that’s fine. Keep doing it. As prolonged as we now know where all a hottest organisation in a universe hang out I’m good, wish someone had told me sooner.

Attractions are typically super active

, How Backpacking in Central America is Completely Different Than Anywhere Else, Innovation ΛI

Things to do in Nicaragua embody roving a toboggan down a side of an active volcano, hiking a volcano, and surfing. Things to do in Guatemala embody surfing, hiking a volcano to nap during a tip and watch another active volcano explode all night, and did we discuss travel a volcano? Sleepy vessel rides down a Mekong don’t unequivocally exist. Central America is an active destination. we positively put a active in activities while we was down there. (Now that we consider about it, maybe that’s because everybody is hot?)

There isn’t many in a approach of travel food.

Guatemala during slightest had avocados around each dilemma and on each plate. But other than that and pupusas, Central America left a lot adult to my belly’s imagination. Nothing creates me happier than sitting on a cosmetic sofa on a travel eating beef true off a grill. Unfortunately, those practice were unequivocally few and distant between in Central.

Hostels and guesthouses had kitchens

This was something new to me. Street food is so inexpensive in Asia we never even suspicion to make my possess food. we lived there for a year and didn’t even have a kitchen. In Central America, each hostel had a kitchen, and people used them! I’d always travel in on large groups of travelers creation family character dishes or people toasting bread and slicing adult avocados for breakfast. It unequivocally helps to equivalent a somewhat aloft cost of food in Central.

The Verdict

, How Backpacking in Central America is Completely Different Than Anywhere Else, Innovation ΛI

It’s good using into a same organisation of prohibited guys over and over again, though it positively killed my ardour saying hamburguesa stands during each corner. Backpacking in Central America positively had a positives and negatives. we consider visiting as an top 20-something was a good preference on my partial and if you’re in that closer to 30 than 20 age bracket, go for it! If we do, stay divided from a lava shot plea in León, your boundary will appreciate me for it.

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