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Boost Happiness Hormones


Most people think of financial planning as a source of stress. If this is you, I have news for you: you have it ALL wrong. Creating and following a financial plan is a great way to REDUCE your stress.  In fact, financial planning activities are guaranteed to release the four …

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Grasshoppers Explosives Smells

In a new study published this month in the journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics: X, a team of scientists at Washington University in St. Louis showed how they were able to hijack the olfactory system of the American grasshopper (Schistocerca americana) to both detect and discriminate between different explosive scents — …

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Hen Harrier is Actually Two Different Species

New research confirms that the hen harrier (Circus cyaneus), a medium-sized bird of prey found in parts of North America and Eurasia, is two different species of bird that are only distantly related. The northern harrier (Circus hudsonius). Image credit: Simon Richards. The study, led by Dr. Graham Etherington of …

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Unwanted Hair | Different Methods of Hair Removal

Unwanted Hair | Different Methods of Hair Removal –  Unwanted hair expansion during a skin of a physique is always an irritating cause in delicate beauty. Stray hairs that are seen during a places where these are not favourite to be seen   revoke a self venerate of a chairman who …

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