Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Me + Dessert  =  Fly + Lamp

Bad image, but it’s so true.  So onto the cookies shall we?

Okay, so first of all I’d like to apologize for not coming out with a chocolate chip cookie recipe sooner.  I was so intimidated.  All chocolate chip cookies have a ton of butter and a bucket full of sugar.  That won’t be happening here, people.  Here at Desserts with Benefits, we make nutritious recipes.

These Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with whole grains, zero butter, and most importantly, zero sugar!

And to make the cookies suitable for everyone I made them eggless.  These cookies are soft, buttery and sweet.  I’ll take a whole stack of cookies, thank you very much.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies made sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan! Recipe in the Naughty or Nice Cookbook: The ULTIMATE Healthy Dessert Cookbook – Jessica Stier of Desserts with Benefits

Chocolate Chip Cookies (sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan) from the Naughty or Nice Cookbook: The ULTIMATE Healthy Dessert Cookbook – Jessica Stier of Desserts with Benefits

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies? YES! You’d never know these cookies are actually good for you, they taste way too sweet, rich and decadent to be guilt-free!

  1. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the oat flour, erythritol, baking powder and salt.

  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the coconut oil, almond milk, vanilla extract, butter flavor and stevia extract. Dump the dry ingredients over the wet ingredients and fold together with a silicone spatula. Fold in the chocolate chips.

  3. Scoop 2 heaping tablespoons of the cookie dough into your palms, roll it into a ball, then gently flatten it into a patty shape. Place the cookie dough patty onto the prepared cookie sheet. Do this with the rest of the cookie dough.

  4. Bake for 12 minutes. Slide the parchment paper off the cookie sheets and onto wire cooling racks to cool. Serve immediately, or store in a tightly sealed container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

I originally wasn’t going to share the recipe here because I worked so incredibly hard on publishing Naughty or Nice.  But I wanted to provide it here because that way, you can determine whether or not the cookbook is for you!

Recipe republished with permission from the Naughty or Nice Cookbook!






Be happy.

Live fully.

Feel naughty, eat nice.


– Jess


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