Halloween Is A Must For Any Horror Movie Enthusiast’s Bluray Collection

, Halloween Is A Must For Any Horror Movie Enthusiast’s Bluray Collection, #Bizwhiznetwork.com Innovation ΛI

When Halloween came out in 1978, people weren’t quite sure what to make of it. While it wasn’t the first of the slasher genre of horror, it was the most mainstream slasher horror movie ever made. It became a huge hit, and spawned several sequels, each of which became more ridiculous than the one before it. With such a convoluted history, it became increasingly more difficult to make a sequel, which led to a 2007 reboot of the franchise by Rob Zombie. While the reboot was good, it unfortunately had the problem of not starring Jamie Lee Curtis, who many people associated with the franchise. So the problem became bigger, how can the franchise be continued with the original star, without all the baggage of the sequels. Writers Danny McBride and David Gordon Green came up with an idea though, and it was certainly original.

The two writers started wondering what the Halloween franchise would look like if there were no sequels to the original film. What if Michael Myers had been captured and spent the next 40 years in a mental asylum? What if Laurie Strode (Curtis) spent all that time plotting for revenge and becoming increasingly more paranoid that her tormentor from years past would escape? The result is the 2018 version of Halloween. The film focuses on Myers escaping, looking to finish what he started, and Strode being ready for him. Sure, like all slasher films it is a bloodbath, but the film has an interesting dynamic of killer vs victim that you don’t really see in these sorts of movies. For that reason alone it’s worth seeing, but the film is better than the average one in the genre as well.

The Bluray of Halloween is crisp and clear, yet has a 1970’s style vibe to it at the same time. Perhaps it’s just in the way it is shot, where it doesn’t show all the gore horror movies today feel like we need to see. It leaves a lot up to the imagination, which in a way is more frightening. This is the sort of film you will want to watch on a home theatre as well, because it will add to the environment. Between John Carpenter’s updated musical score to the sound effects all around you, this is a soundtrack that will keep you pumped. There are several features on the disc as well that fans of the franchise will want to watch. From deleted scenes, to short features on Jamie Lee Curtis, the making of the film, and even one on the mask Michael wears, the special features don’t disappoint.

Halloween was a big hit at the theatre, and we have to wonder if other long-in-the-tooth franchises will follow and try to eliminate all the clutter that came with their sequels. You also have to wonder if Halloween will attempt a sequel to this film. If it does, we may have keep our eyes open for it, because this one is just too good to ignore.


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