Halloween And Other Top Slasher Films

Not only is Halloween right around the corner, but the latest Halloween film is now in theaters. The eagerly anticipated sequel to the original 1978 film looks to continue October’s record haul, and while doing so it will put a fright in the crowds. While it is debatable what the first actual slasher movie was, the original Halloween is one of them, and it did provide the cinematic template that most slasher films used to scare movie goers for a long time. Here are some of those slasher films you won’t want to miss.

Halloween: The franchise has been restarted more than once, and each time the films manage to scare you for at least the first entry. The original 1978 film starring Jamie Lee Curtis is still the best of the bunch, but there is something to be said about the 2007 remake by Rob Zombie. Basically the premise for all of them goes something like this, a masked psychopath named Michael Myers stalks and kills some teens during the evening of Halloween. 

Friday the 13th: This series got really cheesy and the story very convoluted by the time it reached its tenth sequel, but if you go back to the start the first few films are pretty scary. Originally it was about a group of teenagers stalked by a masked psychopath (hmmm, sound familiar?) at a summer camp. Everybody remembers Jason Voorhees as being the killer, but in the first film it wasn’t even him. It was his mother. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Again, this was another franchise that long outlived itself, but the first film is still pretty scary. In this one it’s a scarred, clawed nightmare of a boogyman named Freddy Krueger hunting the teenagers in their dreams. 

Scream: After the slasher film died down in popularity, a few years went by without one hitting the big screen. That changed in 1996 however when Scream was released. In a way it mocked slasher films, while being a slasher film itself. Once again the template stuck, as a masked psychopath stalked teenagers, yet in this case the series was self aware and made the audience well aware of the “rules of a horror film”. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer: With the success of Scream, it only took a year for another slasher film franchise to be launched, in this case it follows the story of a slasher stalking a group of teens after they accidentally killed someone and covered it up. Jennifer Love Hewitt was both the hero and the lead in the series, and for once a series knew that it didn’t have much to go on after a sequel was made.

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