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Google announced updates to news in search, adds 3D support to search results and more

Today at Google I/O, Google has announced they are releasing several updates to search. These updates go across news, top stories, images, Google Lens and more.

Google News. Within Google search, Google will be rolling out improvements to the Top Stories section. The top stories section will not just contain the most authoritative stories on the topic you searched about but also share information about the topic, the story timeline, and even include playable podcasts. Google will even soon let you search within audio podcast.

Here is a screen shot from the keynote:

Google 3D objects and AR. Google also demonstrated how they are adding into search augmented reality features by bringing in 3D objects into the search results. Google said you can place, view and interact with 3D objects right in your own space. Google also published a blog post covering this announcement. In the demo, Google showed looking at a skeleton directly as an overlay in the search results:

You can even place this 3D object in your home or office using AR. This is useful when seeing how a new pillow might look on your sofa. Or how sneakers might look on your feet. Or heck, even how a shark might look like on stage at Google I/O:

Here are some GIFs of this in action:



Google Lens. Google Lens has some updates including the ability to have Google read menus or content to you in your own language. So if you are looking at a menu, Google can not only read you the menu or but also highlight which items on the menu Google recommends.

Here is a GIF of it in action:

Google Assistant. Google Assistant is getting smarter with “Duplex to the web” that helps searchers complete a task online, like renting a car or buying movie tickets.

Here is a GIF of it in action:


Google Assistant is also getting smarter and faster. Speeding up the Google Assistant by 10X, support multi-tasking and more. Pixel devices will support these updates later this year. You can learn more about this updates over here.



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