Four Phases Of Dukan Diet For Weight Loss

Understanding the Dukan Diet plan can help you lose weight, feel better, have more energy, and live a better life.

Dukan Diet Plan

Dukan Diet Plan

The Dukan diet for weight loss relies on high protein, low calorie foods for achieving rapid weight loss. The high protein diet posseses an abundance of rules, a requirement to stick to the diet perfectly, and promises fast, easy weight loss. The Dukan Diet is really a four phased diet plan that places the emphasis on eating a sizable amount of protein in an attempt to keep you full without consuming lots of calories. You do not have to count calories or fat grams, just strictly follow each of the four phases of the diet. The Dukan Diet can also be low fat diet because the plan allows for only 20 percent of your calories from fat.

To know all the hype, let’s start by outlining the expectations while on the Dukan Diet. The diet first became popular in France years ago if this was created by nutritionist Pierre Dukan. The Dukan diet is split into four main phases, which are elaborated in this article. So, let’s find out all about this diet plan in this article.

Four Phases

The diet plan is based on four phases. It’s not about counting calories or weighing your meals as is the case with lots of other modern diet plans. It’s about consuming high protein and occasional calorie foods as a rule.

The main foundation of this diet plan would be to eat protein, as long as it’s lean protein, and you can eat as much as you would like in the beginning any time of day. Protein may be the foundation of this diet plan, which is important drastically different than many other plans around. Oat bran, water, and walking every day will also be foundations of the plan. In the first stage, vegetables aren’t important and they are introduced during the second stage.


Within this phase, dieters are told to only eat lean protein. You are able to eat as much lean protein as you like – however, this really is all you can eat in Phase 1, together with 1.5 tbsp. of oat bran and a minimum of 1.5 liters of water per day. In Phase 1, you aren’t allowed to eat pork or lamb, but you will find 72 lean protein options, including fish, poultry, eggs, non-fat dairy, and soy. In Phase 1, a participant may lose as many as seven lbs. in five days, and also the phase may last anywhere from 1 to 10 days.

Cruise Phase

The Cruise phase is one by which lean proteins and non starchy vegetables are alternated. You are able to choose from any of the 28 recommended vegetables for this phase. During this phase, you’re supposed to eat only lean proteins on one day and lean proteins + non starchy vegetables on the other day. Some dieters also choose to split their week between both of these diet forms by repeating one diet on subsequent days. Meaning, you could have lean proteins on 3 consecutive days, accompanied by a diet of lean proteins + non starchy vegetables on the other day.

Consolidation Phase

In Phase 3, participants start to incorporate more foods into their diet, including unlimited protein (pork and lamb, too), one bit of low-sugar fruit, two slices of wholegrain bread, and one portion of hard cheese. This phase should really prepare participants to begin a lifetime commitment of eating the main diet, which includes pure protein one day a week for that rest of their lives.

Stabilization Phase

During the stabilization phase, dieters could go on the same diet as the previous phase. However, during this phase they have to stick to an all-protein diet on one day of the week. Incidentally, this phase continues for life for that dieter.

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