ESI Will Be at CES 2019

ESI Group(Paris: ESI), leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software application and services for manufacturing markets, will exhibit at CES&in Las Vegas on January 8-11, 2019. Accelerating development in various markets, ESI&works for example with leading automakers and their providers across the world to make it possible for smarter manufacturing, greener styles, and safer cars. At CES, ESI will showcase how Smart Virtual Prototyping helps both OEMs and startups to introduce disruptive developments and accelerate movement advancements by eliminating the requirement for physical models. E-mobility translates into higher item complexity As automakers race to establish sustainable movement solutions, they are challenged by complex and often contrasting needs. Including to existing requirements such as safety or comfort, manufacturers must find ingenuous ways to extend Electric Car(EV)range ─ which inevitably equates into harder targets

for weight decrease and challenging manufacturability and production costs. Connected and autonomous vehicles bring yet another layer of complexity. A special engineering technique to improve innovation ESI uses a holistic view of the effect of one requirement on another, and thereby helps makers create ideal styles and attain initial certification prior to any physical item exists. By bridging conventional item development and engineering

silos, ESI’s Smart Virtual Prototyping solutions effectively address the problematics of giving market&the next generation of ingenious, high-quality yet energy-efficient cars. At CES, ESI will&concentrate on bringing their engineering technique&to lightweighting as a significant opportunity to accomplish&lower emission automobiles and to extend automobile variety. Because context, ESI will display research work done as part of the United States Council for Automotive Research( USCAR)consortium. Improving performance and shaping Smart Factories Today, automobile producers are looking for to decrease time to market, improve product quality, and boost productivity by avoiding item and process design mistakes as early as possible. In this respect, preparing for interactions between operators, equipment and factory environment is essential to predicting ergonomic and usability elements. ESI will give CES its immersive options that encourage the

design of human-centric factory processes. On ESI’s cubicle at CES, visitors will be able to experience the assembly procedure of Gazelle Tech’s environmentally friendly lorry in Virtual Reality. In addition, ESI and its partner Diota will likewise showcase synergies in between Virtual Reality(supporting item and process engineering)and Increased Reality(assisting operators throughout assembly and service procedures). Leveraging IoT and sensors innovation to promote much safer driving and functional quality As the Result Economy is moving client expectations from product quality(as offered) to functional excellence (as used), ESI will present

to CES its options leveraging huge data analytics and virtual prototyping to guarantee products’ dependability over time. Arnaud de la Fouchardière, CEO, Vitirover will sign up with ESI’s booth to present a joint project that utilizes Smart Data to&predict and manage the habits of herds of lawn mowing-robots; making use of that technology can be used to IoT-controlled systems within an electric lorry. ESI: a partner of choice for OEMs and start-ups alike ESI offers options to the world’s leading OEMs, consisting of Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Ford, Honda, Renault Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen Group, and their supply chains.

Working closely with such global customers, leveraging a worldwide community of scholastic and R&D partners, ESI has established a distinct knowledge in allowing pre-certification thanks to virtual models that are as good as genuine due to the fact that they have been developed essentially; step by action from basic materials to factory provided product. Visitors to CES will have the chance to discover at first-hand how OEMs and start-ups alike are leveraging ESI’s extreme technology to deliver highly innovative solutions and automobiles. Would you like to satisfy the ESI group or get a demonstration at CES? Schedule a visit here. For more ESI news, visit



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