Engineers explain Samsung’s assertive pattern led to Note 7 fires


Samsung’s Note 7 recover and successive is fast apropos a mythological fumble in a smartphone industry. The Korean wiring hulk is still conducting an inner review of a battery fires that tormented this device during a brief life. But production record association Instrumental has gotten its hands on a Note 7 to do a minute third-party analysis. The verdict? Samsung’s assertive pattern tolerances are a culprit, not a battery itself.

The Note 7 was removing zodiacally glorious reviews several months ago as it strike a market. However, it wasn’t prolonged before Samsung’s fortunes took a spin for a worse. Reports of battery fires started accumulating by a dozen until Samsung had to acknowledge there was something wrong with a Note 7. Carriers stopped offered a device and Samsung started a remember module to reinstate phones. The new batteries in these deputy phones didn’t stop a fires, though. After reduction than dual months on sale, Samsung dropped a Note 7 and began a routine of refunding buyers in sequence to collect all superb phones.

That done it formidable for Instrumental to get a hands on a Note 7, though it managed to lane one down. With a phone (and a glow extinguisher) in hand, it tore a device down in hopes of training what done it so volatile. The engineers during Instrumental explain that Samsung’s assertive office of high battery ability and sleek, compress pattern were during contingency and caused an unacceptably high disaster rate.

Samsung packaged a 3500mAh battery into a really tiny space in a Note 7. It apparently dictated to strengthen it internally with a assistance of a CNC-machined pocket. However, a battery simply did not have adequate clearance. A lithium ion battery should have 0.5mm of clearway on all sides, though in sequence to pull a Note 7’s design, there was as small as 0.1mm of clearway on a tip and 0.3mm on a side.


This is critical since lithium-ion batteries bloat somewhat during normal use. If there’s adequate space, a battery won’t be damaged. However, a Note 7’s battery would have been unenlightened during use, or even from slight flexing of a device (such as being in your slot while we lay down). The battery itself was already intensely dense, with a certain and disastrous electrodes distant by a skinny polymer layer. The vigour exerted by a surrounding as a battery stretched could simply be adequate to move a electrodes into contact, heading to high feverishness era and fire.

The crux of Instrumental research is simply that Samsung pushed a pattern too far. If a battery had a bit some-more space, there competence not have been any issues. Replacing a battery with matching units in a initial remember didn’t residence a elemental pattern issues, so a fires continued. Samsung has nonetheless to recover a possess findings, so we’ll have to wait and see if a engineers agree.

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