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Satechi Charging Station


Overpriced garbage. What is up with these docks with 14 cables coming out of them? Ugly.

It’s not supposed to be pretty. It’s supposed to charge a bunch of devices at once. Not every accessory needs to make some kind of aesthetic statement.

Not very forward thinking, as the ports could be all 30W USB-C and call it a day instead of this strange mix of wattage’s and ports… in 2021 its time to let USB-A go Satechi… you will have to buy new, 15 cms / 6 inch cables anyways if you dont want to make this hub a complete mess, you might buy the USB-C variant while you’re at it.

With the exception of the Qi-based wireless charging spot, charging is done over a wired connection and Lightning cables or other cables will need to be supplied.

Satechi’s Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station with Wireless Charging can be purchased from the Satechi website for $59.99.

I’ll just stick to using the power outlets on my power strip/battery back-up that I already have and Apple’s supplied power adapters and cables.

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