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Windows Cross Device Sync

  Microsoft is rolling out a new beta version of Windows 10 that includes automatic app restarts, new fonts, and the apparent death of Windows Timeline. Really, Microsoft just tossed that in with the “Changes and Improvements” for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21359. The company had to circle back …

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Satechi Charging Station

Overpriced garbage. What is up with these docks with 14 cables coming out of them? Ugly. It’s not supposed to be pretty. It’s supposed to charge a bunch of devices at once. Not every accessory needs to make some kind of aesthetic statement. Not very forward thinking, as the ports …

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Lenovo X1 Foldable Screen

  In 2019, several vendors — most notably Samsung — boldly launched the first wave of foldable phones. In theory, the concept sounds amazing, allowing a phone to expand out to tablet-size for watching content, then shrink down to handset size for talking or texting. First-generation devices were generally abysmal, …

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Google Leaks Pixel

Google Leaks Upcoming Pixel Device Names, Including Pixel 4a 5G Speculation has been rampant as rumored release dates for the Google Pixel 4a have come and gone without a word. Now, we might finally know what Google’s planning for its 2020 phone releases, but not because it told anyone. Strings …

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unGlue helps parents set screen time limits on any device

A new startup called unGlue wants to help kids better manage their time on connected devices. Just don’t call it parental control software, says co-founder and CEO Alon Shwartz. The idea, he explains, is to offer families a simpler solution for setting limits on screen time across devices, whether inside the …

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Top 5 Softwares to Root Any Android Device

Smartphones has turn one of a contingency have needs after food, cloths and house. So it is utterly apparent that we gets undone if this small device starts negligence downs and exhibiting operational hiccups. Sadly that is a box with many Android handsets now a days. And a usually heal …

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