Can Honey Really Help You Lose Weight?


Weight loss is the first and last thing on everyone’s mind. In order to lose weight quickly and in the most healthy way, turn to honey as your secret ingredient.

Honey is a very healthy and yummy source of sweetness in foods and drinks. Regular intake of honey is advised by many doctors to keep the body fit and healthy. There are many ways to consume honey. You can eat one spoon of raw honey every day; or mix it with beverages or in deserts. One good way of consuming honey is by mixing it in warm water.

The benefits of honey mostly apply to weight loss programs. If you are trying to lose weight, honey can be very helpful, but before we discuss the benefits of honey in weight loss, we should address some of the concerns that people often have regarding honey.

How Honey Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing Weight With Honey

Losing Weight With Honey

Honey definitely has a healthier glycemic index compared to sugar. This means that when you eat some honey it doesn’t cause you to experience a sugar rush because it is absorbed into your body gradually, unlike sugar. Honey gives you a source of energy that is stabilized. It won’t give you a sugar “high” or a energy “crash” later on.

As we all know self control is very important when you are trying to lose those unwanted pounds. Most people only need a little bit of honey to satisfy their sweet tooth. A lot of people experience low energy levels when they diet. Honey helps you with this problem because it can keep your energy levels more stabilized throughout the day.

Benefits of Honey in Relation to Weight Loss

Honey and Warm Water

Normally, fat remains as an unused resource in the body, adding bulk and weight, but it is believed that honey has the ability to mobilize this stored fat. When this fat is burnt to provide energy for your daily activities, you will see a gradual decrease in weight and a relief from the problems of obesity.

Honey has also been shown to positively increase the levels of “good” cholesterol in the body, and also reduces cardiovascular strain, which means you can lead a more active, healthy life, which will further promote your weight loss programs, since you won’t be worried as much about artherosclerosis, or the risk of heart attacks or strokes when going for a morning run. Research suggests that drinking honey (about one tablespoon daily), with an equal amount of warm water can stimulate this beneficial process.

Honey and Lemon Juice

Honey can also help in weight loss when consumed with warm water and lemon juice. Many people drink this formula as a start to their day as a way of stimulating weight loss. Honey is packed with 22 amino acids and a number of valuable vitamins and minerals, many of which benefit the body’s metabolism. By regulating the function of the metabolism, food is utilized properly, fat is converted into usable energy, and overall health is improved.

The lemon juice in this mixture also is loaded with Vitamin-C (also known as ascorbic acid), which increases liver function and fat metabolism. Furthermore, lemon juice increases the function of glutathione, which is a key antioxidant for detoxification and quick slimming.

Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey

Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey

Honey cinnamon Toast

Try doing away with butter and jam and opt for honey and cinnamon as bread spread. Apply a coat of honey on your bread toast and sprinkle some cinnamon on it. The taste is mildly sweet and has that distinct flavour of cinnamon. Plus, it is a topping that helps to mobilise body fat.

Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey

Both apple cider vinegar and honey have a lot to offer, and when consumed together, you derive the benefits of each as individual elements, as well as the combined product. Vinegar is naturally acidic, but when consumed, it turns alkaline in the body. This alkaline nature of vinegar has made it a great remedy to counter the ill-effects of a highly acidic diet, that we consume in terms of fast food and the like. Moreover, it is known to be a great remedy for joint pain and arthritis. Similar is the case with honey. Though it has a low pH, it becomes alkaline once consumed, and helps in the safe excretion of high levels of acids in the body.

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