Google Console Coverage

Google announced it has made substantial updates to the coverage report within Google Search Console. Google wrote the company is “rolling out significant improvements to this report so you’re better informed on issues that might prevent Google from crawling and indexing your pages. The change is focused on providing a …

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Non-Photosynthetic Bacteria

A team of researchers from Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom has identified circadian rhythms in non-photosynthetic, Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis. Image credit: Ákos Kovács, Technical University of Denmark. Circadian rhythms are exquisite internal timing mechanisms that are widespread across nature enabling living organisms to cope with the …

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Saber Toothed Tigers

Paleontologists from the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto have found and examined the fossilized remains of two subadult and one adult saber-toothed tigers (Smilodon fatalis) — likely a mother and two adolescents — in the Pleistocene coastal deposits in Ecuador. Their results show that saber-toothed tigers had …

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Google Launched Subtopics

Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed over the weekend that one new ranking change went live in mid-November that was from the slew of announcements at Google’s Search On event last October. Google launched the subtopics ranking feature in mid-November, Sullivan said. What is subtopics. Google said in October that subtopics …

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Flowering Plants

A single letter change in DNA code can potentially decide whether a plant is a lark or a night owl, according to a study published in the journal Plant, Cell and Environment. Arabidopsis thaliana. Image credit: Carl Davies, CSIRO / CC BY 3.0. The circadian clock is a temporal program …

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Color Raises $167 Million


Healthcare startup Color has raised a sizable $167 million in Series D funding round, at a valuation of $1.5 billion post-money, the company announced today. This brings the total raised by Color to $278 million, with its latest large round intended to help it build on a record year of …

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Boost Happiness Hormones


Most people think of financial planning as a source of stress. If this is you, I have news for you: you have it ALL wrong. Creating and following a financial plan is a great way to REDUCE your stress.  In fact, financial planning activities are guaranteed to release the four …

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Quantum Teleportation

Quantum teleportation is essential for many quantum information technologies, including long-distance quantum networks. Using fiber-coupled devices, including state-of-the-art low-noise superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors and off-the-shelf optics, scientists from Fermilab, Caltech, ATT, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the University of Calgary, and Harvard University have demonstrated sustained, long-distance (44 km of fiber) …

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Apple M1 A14 Design

  Ever since Apple launched the M1, there have been questions about how the new SoC would differ from the A14. While the two SoCs are based on a common CPU microarchitecture, the M1 incorporates additional on-die functionality that the A14 does not, along with more CPU cores in-total and …

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New Hermit Crab Discovered

Marine biologists from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History have described a new species of the hermit crab genus Cancellus from a deep bank in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Cancellus heatherae, female holotype, shield length – 4 mm: (A) habitus, dorsal; …

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