You Can Flight This 1 Km Mountain Coaster Through The Forest In Ontario This Fall

Everybody enjoys a good roller rollercoaster from time to time due to the fact that it gives us an excitement that we simply can’t find anywhere else. There’s one thing roller rollercoasters at amusement parks are missing out on and that’s a great view. Normally massive theme park lie in the middle of no place when you get to the top there’s really not that much to take a look at.

There’s a roller rollercoaster here in Ontario that runs on a track straight through a lavish forest on a mountain! The Ridge Runner is a mountain roller coaster that will zip you along a 1-km track on heaven Mountain slopes. It’s totally special and there’s really absolutely nothing else like it here in Ontario!

The Ridge Runner Mountain Rollercoaster gets up to speeds of 42 km/hr so you’re getting that thrill of routine roller rollercoasters that you’re looking for! Exactly what makes it special is the awesome views of the Collingwood forest that you get to witness along the way which you’ll assist yourself through all by yourself!

The best part about this mountain rollercoaster is that it’s actually open throughout the year, 7 days a week! The most lovely times to go are definitely in fall and winter season though when the forest changes into a magical enchanted forest!

For the fall season, September 4th-October 28th, they’ll be running the coaster everyday from 10am-6pm. For a single flight it costs $13 for youth and $16 for adults so it’s not that pricy at all! If you acquire for or more passes at a time though you’ll get a 10% discount.

Check out their site for more details!


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