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What Is The NBA

Besides being a popular theme in real money online casino games, it is a men’s professional basketball league in North America. The NBA consists of thirty teams; twenty-nine of those are based in the United States whilst one is from Canada. It is widely considered as the top men’s professional basketball league in the whole world. In the United States and Canada, the NBA is one of the four major professional sports leagues. NBA players are the best-paid athletes based on average annual salary per player. Some of them earn an online casino jackpot very week at sites such as online gambling new zealand for example.

Largest crowd puller

During the 2010 season, the NBA All-Star Game was played at Cowboys Stadium in front of the largest crowd ever having an attendance of 108 713 people. Before the start of the 2010-11 season, the NBA had an exciting summer with one of the most participated free agent classes of all time.

Internationally recognized

Pioneer foreign players like Vlade Divac (Serbia) and Drazen Petrovic joined the NBA in the late 1980s.Their positive influence has seen a large increase in the number of players moving directly from playing elsewhere in the world going directly to the NBA. The 2013-14 season opened close to 100 international players on the opening night rosters. The athletes represented 39 countries and were over 20% of the league.

Regular Season

After the summer break, NBA teams begin training camps in late September. The training camps allow the coaching staff to evaluate rookie players, scout the team’s weaknesses and strengths. The players also get to prepare for the regular season and determine the 12 men active roster. A series of the pre-season exhibition games can be held in non-NBA cities both overseas and in the United States but online gambling are not allowed to open bets. The NBA season begins in the last week of October.

Top Professional Sport Leagues

The NBA is one of the four major professional sports leagues in Canada and the United States in which teams play every team during a regular season. In February the regular season pauses to celebrate the annual NBA All-Star Game. Fans throughout Canada and the US vote through the internet. Players with the most votes at each position in both conferences are given a starting spot in their conferences.

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