Video shows how F1 Steering Wheels have Evolved


If we are a fan of Formula one racing who has watched for a prolonged time. You have seen a expansion of an doubtful bit of racing tech- a steering wheel. Long left are a days where a steering circle was only for steering. In a high-tech an formidable F1 cars of now a steering wheels are arrayed with knobs, switches, and dials.

If we are unknown with F1 racing, a expansion of a steering circle is still really cold to see. Ferrari is even starting to put a bit of this racing steering circle tech into a travel cars with wheels being arrayed with buttons and dials.

I always consternation how prolonged a drivers have to be in training only to learn to use these steering wheels. we have also beheld that F1 steering wheels are now really most like a whele KITT used in Knight Rider behind in a ’80s on American TV. we don’t see how steering wheels can get any some-more formidable in destiny F1 cars.

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