Unreturned Galaxy Note 7 Units Will Not Get Cellular Connectivity in Canada From Dec 15

If you’re still holding on to your Galaxy Note 7, despite after the company’s numerous attempts to make the customers return the handset and get a refund.

It seems Canadian carriers are also set to discontinue cellular service to the unreturned Galaxy Note 7 units, starting December 15th, the company stated.

The company revealed in a press release that 90 percent of the Galaxy Note 7’s have returned the handset in Canada. “We have been in continuous communication with Note7 customers to remind them about the need to return their recalled device and will continue to communicate daily with a push notification about this network deactivation event to ensure they continue to receive adequate notice.”

It’s not just Canada, the company has cut off cellular connectivity to the handset in Australia and New Zealand as well. It’s best for you to return the handset and claim the refund or exchange it with another handset rather than holding on to the handset no matter how good it is. Please return!!

Source: GSMArena

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