Top most inexpensive locations to escape winter season for a week

Momondo specialists have actually analyzed the total expense of popular warm destinations throughout European winter season, taking into account flights, 3-4 star hotels, food, drinks and public transportation to expose the cheapest warm destination for this winter season. Chiang Mai is the cheapest bright holiday location this winter season, as Romanian tourists can capture a week under the sun in northern Thailand for about 924 euros, with basic expenses consisted of.

Chiang Mai has among the least expensive flight and food costs, of less than 500 euros, for a seven-day vacation. In reality, according to travel search engine information, Thailand has proved to be one of the least expensive vacation alternatives, with two locations in the top 10 most affordable for those who want to leave this winter season.

India and Indonesia are also among the least expensive destinations. For a week in New Delhi and Bali, travel, lodging and food costs reach simply over 1,000 euros for Romanians. The benefits of vacation costs speak for themselves, Romanians who desire to go looking for hot days in the winter have to deal with longer flights with stopovers throughout Europe.

There are, nevertheless, destinations such as Tenerife in Spain, about eight flight hours away, for which Romanians can also discover the most affordable airline tickets deals on approximately 237 euros. The European city offers gentle temperatures, and the total cost of accommodation, transport, meals and drinks is less than 1,300 euros.

Leading most affordable sunny location this winter for a week-long holiday
Location Flight Accomodation Food Drink Transport TOTAL
1 Chiang Mai, Thailanda EUR 425 EUR 409 EUR 56 EUR 23 EUR 11 EUR 924
2 New Delhi, India EUR 462 EUR 415 EUR 74 EUR 21 EUR 4 EUR 976
3 Bali, Indonezia EUR 667 EUR 333 EUR 62 EUR 25 EUR 3 EUR 1.090
4 Manila, Filipine EUR 655 EUR 345 EUR 78 EUR 20 EUR 4 EUR 1.102
5 Puerto Princesa, Filipine EUR 675 EUR 362 EUR 56 EUR 19 EUR 2 EUR 1.114
6 Bangkok, Thailanda EUR 553 EUR 479 EUR 99 EUR 29 EUR 12 EUR 1.172
7 Tenerife, Spania EUR 237 EUR 771 EUR 200 EUR 20 EUR 19 EUR 1.247
8 Colombo, Sri Lanka EUR 531 EUR 643 EUR 56 EUR 27 EUR 1 EUR 1.258
9 Phuket City, Thailanda EUR 591 EUR 555 EUR 75 EUR 29 EUR 11 EUR 1.261
10 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam EUR 806 EUR 380 EUR 63 EUR 17 EUR 3 EUR 1.269

The most popular location to escape winter is Dubai

Amongst the top 10 locations most popular in Romanian searches, Dubai is by far at the top. While costs for accommodation, food, beverages and local transport are not the tiniest, flights cost significantly lower, with approximately 238 euros, which keeps Dubai in the top 4 most affordable locations with beach gain access to.

Thailand is picking up speed in Romanian choices, with 3 of the most popular locations in Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi. Of these, Bangkok is the 2nd most wanted destination by Romanians looking for sunny experiences this winter season, with the lowest cost of lodging in a 3-4 star hotel. For a week, Romanians need to think about an approximated budget plan of 479 euros.

Top most searched for warm destinations this winter season and the associated costs
Location Flight Accomodation Food Drinks Transportation OVERALL
1 Dubai, Emiratele Arabe Unite EUR 238 EUR 818 EUR 166 EUR 91 EUR 17 EUR 1.330
2 Bangkok, Thailanda EUR 553 EUR 479 EUR 99 EUR 29 EUR 12 EUR 1.172
3 Male, Maldive EUR 609 EUR 1.087 EUR 104 EUR 35 EUR 20 EUR 1.855
4 Port Louis, Mauritius EUR 497 EUR 1.040 EUR 142 EUR 28 EUR 12 EUR 1.719
5 Colombo, Sri Lanka EUR 531 EUR 643 EUR 56 EUR 27 EUR 1 EUR 1.258
6 Singapore EUR 602 EUR 812 EUR 185 EUR 66 EUR 14 EUR 1.679
7 Phuket City, Thailanda EUR 591 EUR 555 EUR 75 EUR 29 EUR 11 EUR 1.261
8 Miami, Statele Unite ale Americii EUR 594 EUR 1.262 EUR 308 EUR 52 EUR 27 EUR 2.243
9 Zanzibar, Tanzania EUR 595 EUR 614 EUR 132 EUR 30 EUR 2 EUR 1.373
10 Krabi, Thailanda EUR 565 EUR 608 EUR 59 EUR 34 EUR 7 EUR 1.273

At the exact same time, together with Phuket, the two Thai cities are among the top 10 most inexpensive holiday destinations this winter. For those who select to head to Krabi, the savings will be mainly for food and regional transportation where costs are the most affordable in the top ten most popular locations.

When it comes to dining in the area, Colombo proposes the most advantageous menus, the cost of lunch and supper every day is under 8 euros. Here, in the capital of Sri Lanka, tourists will likewise have the most affordable prices for drinks consumed daily– for instance cappuccino and regional beer– along with local transport.

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