Top Card Games For Adults In 2018

It used to be that when you got together with friends to play a game of cards, you opened a new deck (or an old one that’s been used many, many times), and played the old standbys like poker, euchre, rummy or one of the other many possibilities out there. Things have changed though, and now there are many different unique cards games you can have a blast with. Here are some of the latest you may want to give a try.

Stuff Happens: Imagine the worst things that can possibly happen to you on any given day, exaggerate it a little bit, and you will start to have an idea what this game is all about. Basically you are dealt a hand of cards, each with their own ranking of horribleness, and every round a random card is drawn that you need to guess where it fits in your hand. It’s good for a laugh and a fun evening, and if you are really looking for an adult evening you might want to try the adult edition Sh*t Happens.

Cards Against Humanity: Yes, this game has been around for awhile, but they are always updating it with even more horrible situations. The game is simple to play, every round a question is asked from one of the black cards, and every player needs to choose the funniest white card in their hand as a response. Whoever is selected as having the funniest answer wins the round. The game is a mix of luck in getting the right cards, and whoever has the craziest sense of humor. 

What Do You Meme?: These days you can’t go online without seeing one meme or another, and this adult game takes full advantage of that. The game is very similar to Cards Against Humanity, but instead of just reading situations, you see a picture, and you have to caption it using a card in your hand. At times it is inappropriate, crude and raunchy, but it’s always funny and a blast for your party.

Deer in the Headlights: If you are looking for something for two, this card/dice game may just be what you are looking for. While it can be played with a group, playing as a pair doesn’t ruin the fun either. Basically you are trying to discard all the cards in your hand before your opponent, but if you make a wrong roll of the dice that will be harder than you want it to be.

Quickwits: If you can think fast, and make other laugh, this card game may just be for you. You’re given a hand of cards that you need to match with the symbols on your opponents cards, and then give examples of what they are. The results are usually not what you initially think they will be, and you will be surprised at what your friends are really thinking.


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