Tips for Enjoying Fall Foliage

There’s so much to love about fall: cool weather, pumpkin-spiced everything, festive holidays and an extra hour of sleep (major bonus!). But it wouldn’t be autumn without the magnificent, colorful show staged as the leaves change colors to rich shades of red, yellow, orange and green. Here are eight ways to enjoy the season’s foliage.

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  1. Photograph: No filter needed when photographing some of nature’s most beautiful scenery. While almost anyone can take a great shot with their smartphone, here are some special techniques that leaf peepers know to be tried and true when capturing fall leaves in photos.
  2. Hike: To truly enjoy and immerse yourself in fall’s resplendent show, take a few hours and head outside for a hike. Here are 12 of the best hikes around the U.S. that will lead leaf-lovers to paradise.
  3. Travel: A quick Internet search offers the best places to find local, leaf-changing havens; however, it’s always a beautiful journey when you hit the road (especially if you’re driving your EV or hybrid vehicle) to experience autumn in other locales. Here are some of best drives in the U.S. and Canada for enjoying fall’s colors.
  4. Preserve: Before you know it, our beloved leaves will fall, leaving our trees and our hearts bare. Press and preserve your leaves with these tips to hold onto the season all year long.
  5. Decorate: Bring the outdoors in and decorate your home throughout the season with the colorful, fallen leaves. Spruce up your mantle, augment an existing flower arrangement, or sprinkle a few leaves on side tables to give your home a cozy, festive feeling.
  6. Craft: Take your decorating to the next level and get crafty with your fall leaves. Wrap a few leaves around mason jars for candle holders that glow with the colors of the season, sprinkle glitter on your leaves and string them together for garlands that shine or use them like stamps to make personalized gift tags.
  7. Bake: No, we’re not suggesting adding leaves to your next soufflé, but let your leaves inspire fall baking. Use cookie cutters for a leaf-lattice pie, make sugar cookies in the shades of the season and use these ideas for the most beautiful leaf-shaped cookies ever created!
  8. Send: Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place that sees the leaves change each year. Place some leaves in a plastic bag and send them off to your loved ones in non-seasonal cities so they can experience the excitement.

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