Tips for a Green Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving could possibly be the best holiday! It provides us with an opportunity to express our gratitude and celebrate the Earth’s bounty and all that it gives us throughout the year. Unfortunately, the way most people commemorate the day involves less than eco-friendly traditions (heavy travel, lots of food waste, disposable decorations, etc.). Mark this year’s holiday by keeping the planet in mind with tips for a sustainable and green Thanksgiving.

  • Shop locally for ingredients that are in season, organic and haven’t traveled far to get to your feast. Find a farmer’s market near you at
  • If you do shop at a supermarket, choose organic! Unlike conventional items, organic foods aren’t treated with the pesticides and toxic chemicals that seep into the soil and eventually into rivers and lakes.
  • Choose your toasts wisely. Select eco-friendly, local (if possible) and delicious wines for your Thanksgiving feast. Check out this list of green wines that pair well with fall flavors.
  • No more waste/waist! The Thanksgiving meal is usually a gluttonous affair that ends with loosened belts and lots of leftovers. Prepare just the right amount of food for the size of your party using this helpful Thanksgiving portion guide.
  • While the food is in the oven, turn off the TV and the indoor lights; lower the temperature in the house and head outside to enjoy the cool fall weather. You’ll get some much-needed exercise and breathe in the lovely autumn air, instead of sitting around watching TV and growing your carbon footprint.
  • Traveling – by car or plane – is one of the worst pollutants associated with the holidays. If you’re committed to getting out of town, consult our previous blog post on green travel tips for the holidays.
  • Invest in non-disposable cookware (spring for that ceramic roasting pan!), cloth napkins and tablecloths and break out the fancy dishes (paper plates and napkins are deal breakers and we’re confident the word “Styrofoam” isn’t part of your vocabulary). Make Thanksgiving a non-disposable holiday!
  • Skip the store-bought, artificial, disposable (and landfill clogging) decorations and collect  some fall leaves, pinecones and acorns for authentic, fresh-smelling, all-natural table decor.
  • Make cleaning up before and after dinner a cinch without expending loads of energy -electrical or human! Follow this eco-friendly guide to getting your home spic and span for Thanksgiving and the rest of your holiday gatherings.

For more eco-friendly holiday advice throughout the rest of the year and into 2017, stay connected to the Just Energy website. Make sure to like Just Energy on Facebook and follow us on Twitter where we’re always sharing tips and information on living an eco-friendly, green lifestyle.


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