Tiny-TS Open-Sourced DIY Touch Synthesiser (video)

Tiny-TS Open-Sourced DIY Touch Synthesiser

If we imagination building your really possess open source DIY hold synthesiser we competence be meddlesome in a new hardware pack called a Tiny-TS that has been combined by Jan Ostman.

The Tiny TS takes a form of a credit label sized actor measuring only 100 x 65mm in distance and is a entirely open-sourced synthesiser with a 1-octave capacitive hold keyboard.

Check out a proof video next to learn some-more about a sounds and construction of this slot sized synthesiser, that has taken to Kickstarter this week to lift a supports it requires to go into production.

The synthesizer parameter knobs includes: DCO: Coarse representation and Double. The CV out follows a keyboard and counterfeit pitch. DCF: Filter rise and ENVmod. ENV: Attack and Release inspiring amplitude. It has Audio/CV/Gate outputs and 6 synth parameter dials. The CV’s outlay 1V/oct and Gate from a keyboard.

The singularity process is “Resonant Peak Modeling”. It modifies 2 sine waves to copy a musical low-pass filter. This is identical to FM synthesis. It runs from 6 – 12v (9v battery) though can run down to 3v as good though a CV 1v/oct outlay is contingent on a 5v supply to a chip.

For some-more sum and to make a oath burst over to Kickstarter around a couple below.

Source: Kickstarter

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