Sunday , October 21 2018

This whimsical physics video game is really about our garbage lives online


Let’s all simply come out and confess: We’re trash people.Not in the wicked sense, naturally. Those of us who take part in the virtual, vacuous hole known as the web can all concur we’re part of the garbage dump. It’s difficult to not end up being garbage, in some capacity

, when you add to this all-consuming vortex of content, opinions, meaningless arguments, anger, etc. That’s essentially the idea behind Donut County, a funny approaching physics puzzle game by Ben Esposito that enjoys the eccentric. Deceptively easy, Donut County is all about the pleasures of destruction– while simultaneously taking on serious topics like online divisiveness and gentrification.Playing as a garbage-loving raccoon named BK, you live in a city heavily influenced by Los Angeles. BK discovers himself working as an intern at a start-up

that’s made a piece of innovation that sucks people’s trash down an indestructible hole.But both BK and this new technology are triggering quick modifications in the neighborhood. As a raccoon, “BK doesn’t see anything as crucial. He sees it all as trash. The entire world is his

garbage, “Esposito stated in an interview just recently. He won’t stop until he’s swallowed the entire town. Whether it’s old women, snakes, pots, fences, scooters … whatever decreases the hole and gets trapped in BK’s underground stock pile of garbage of spoils called the

“trashipedia. ”

BK’s underground garbage dump, AKA Twitter Image: ben esposito and Annapurna Interactive “So you’re being an asshole, but it’s enjoyable!” said Esposito.”And each character in town knows you’re an asshole, and is aiming to convince you after every level that what you’re doing is wrong. “However a raccoon is



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