There Will Not Be Any Raiders Apparel On Sale Until Further Notice.

If you are a Raiders’ fan and you had been desiring and craving to get a Raiders shirt which you would treasure with all your heart, your dreams would have to be kept on hold because there won’t be any Raiders t-shirts up for sale anytime soon. At least, not until they move to Nevada, according to This seems to have been caused by the fact the Raiders have so far failed to actually move away from Oakland as they were ordered to do.

This ban officially means that no Raiders apparel approved by the NFL will be able to be labeled as “for sale”, which can decrease sales next season. Therefore, the Raiders might not be allowed to sell any item which is related in any way to Las Vegas for up to two years which really is a disaster for the team. This is really out of their hands. They would have to wait until their new stadium, which is supposed to be completed by 2020, is finalized and ready to welcome the audience and withstand football activities.

What makes this even more interesting, and embarrassing, for the Raiders is that the lease which they have for staying in Oakland is scheduled to come to renewal at the end of 2018. This leaves a gap of one year or season before their stadium is supposed to be completed. What this means then in a nutshell, is that the Raiders are stranded and really have no place to call their stadium heading into the new season.

If you have an idea on how the Raiders’ season would end up due to your football betting habits you could earn a great return. Just ask the younger crowd, millennials, who are investing more in football then in any category. Millennials believe the Raiders are going to bring great returns soon as they progress into their new stadium.

Mark Davis, the owner of the Raiders will be aware of the situation and would most likely be aware of the fact that they could be stranded next year. However, he still asserted that if it is the desire of the fans that they stay longer here in Oakland past their lease agreement, he is willing to look for ways to make that happen.

However, this ban which was placed on the Raiders will not include PSLs, so fans are still allowed to spend as much money as they want on this aspect of the sale. However, there is a small crack in the ban which the Raiders can exploit.

The ban specifically forbids the Raiders from selling items which have any logo on it relating to Vegas or Oakland. Hence all the Raiders have to do is leave out their name and they will be able to put their jerseys up for sale. It remains to be seen the consequences which this ban will have on the Raiders and how the season could end up for them.

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