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The impossible requirements for a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Angels have a lot of responsibility.Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images It’s hard to end up being a Victoria’s Secret Angel.Not only do the designs have

  • to be stunning, they also need to be relatable to women.They need to have great characters and be incredibly committed to the brand name, too. Angel status at Victoria’s Secret is exactly what model dreams are made of. Victoria’s Secret has the power to instantly change professions and lives, putting Angels on the radar of every major designer and publication. These ladies become stars, cultivating

    their own personal brand names which can be partially determined by the countless followers they have on social networks accounts. However, getting there is no simple accomplishment– i t takes much more than great genes or a well-known surname to make the cut.They work out nearly every day– in some cases, even on set. Physical fitness becomes part of the job.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images As if breaking a sweat once a day isn’t enough, Angels often struck the fitness center twice a day in the weeks leading up to the Victoria’s Secret Style Program. Adriana Lima always goes hardcore. In an EXPERT interview in September, she stated,”I am at the fitness center

    every day. Or if I’m not at the fitness center, I’m working out someplace, like in my bedroom.”Preserving a specific look belongs to the task, however it doesn’t mark down the extremity of it. Plus, Victoria’s Secret Angels are frequently active on set while modeling the brand name’s athletic VS Sport clothes. It has to do with being aspirational. Victoria’s Secret is a company, and like every brand, their objective is to enhance

    sales. Ed Razek understands ways to make this happen: he’s dealt with Victoria’s Secret for Twenty Years, and he’s positive that he has an eye for who needs to represent the brand and its mostly female client base– sultry, stunning females.

    There are only 14 Victoria’s Secret

    Angels right now. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images”I t’s how women react to them,” Razek told Forbes.”We’re interested in interesting women since ladies do 99%of the shoppingin Victoria’s Secret.”So not only do these women need to be stunning andwear the brand name’s clothing well, but they also need to appeal

    tothe Victoria’s Secret clients who like their personality and style.”All of these women would be the very best looking lady any person had actually ever seen– guys are simple,”Razek continued.”Females have to say,’I want to look like that, I wish to have that spirit or that self-confidence and strength. ‘” Razek’s intuition hasn’t stopped working the brand, Victoria’s Trick has actually gotten criticism, especially in the department of body inclusivity. They have not dealt with designs with diverse body types. Discipline matters. Because Victoria’s Secret is among the most well-known underwear brands, they are insanely selective about who they approve Angel status to. It

    ‘s a difficult gig to obtain, and Razek revealed that it often comes down to information beyond physical look, like work principles. When speaking to Forbes,

    he said a specific design

    ‘s partying regimen was a deal breaker for him, specifically when he knew somebody like “Adriana Lima was leaping rope for 3 hours.”To be truthful, both sound beautiful extreme, but it just goes to show that the ones who are eliminated to be Angels do not take their jobs for approved. Health is a priority.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Romee Strijd, another current Angel, truly spells out this commitment on her YouTube channel . Her behind-the-scenes vlog exposes her healthier meals(she eats the same over night oats every early morning)and how she focuses on sleep and physical fitness to keep her sustained for the physical demands of her profession. Angels have character and aspiration. Jet lag is real, but at the end of the day, these women have to be on their A-games.

    Unlike some high-fashion projects and programs, Victoria’s Secret is known to amp up the appeal– seriously,

    what other brand motivates their designs to blow a kiss at the end of the runway? They likewise meet fans at product launches, and engage with the media for significant events. Let’s simply state the major, expressionless look that high style designs often get pinned for does not appear to cut it for Victoria’s Secret. As represent ives, they are selling a lifestyle. Angels have a good time, too!Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Lots of the most iconic Victoria’s Secret Angels have actually gone on to become TELEVISION characters or entrepreneurs– we’re consideringTyra Banks with America’s Next Top Design, Heidi Klum in

    Job Runway, Karlie Kloss creating her own brand called Klossy, and Miranda Kerr introducing the beauty brand name KORA Organics. In Razek’s words to

    Allure,”These are young businesspeople.”Angel requirements are high and tough to fulfill, but apparently not impossible. Sign up here to get INSIDER’s favorite stories straightto your inbox.


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