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The Fitness Buzz: The Mirror Workout

When it comes to working out, there always seems to be a new fad or trend. The health and fitness industry is constantly evolving and new products, gadgets and tools are always making news. The latest tool to make news? The Mirror Workout.

According to, the Mirror Workout allows you to tap into six different types of workouts—cardio, yoga, strength, pilates, boxing, and barre—with live classes and an instructor. Your window into the classes? A four-foot-tall mirror. You can see both an instructor performing workouts live and yourself. Perfect for the time-pressed individual with little time for traditional gym/group workouts, it’s an innovative way to get in a quality workout within the comfort of your own home. At $1,495.00 (plus a $39.00 per month subscription fee), it’s not cheap, but could make sense in the long run for those seeking a new method to staying fit.

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