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The Future is Now: Ramp up your Google Shopping ROI

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) across desktop and mobile have taken the majority of retailers’ budgets and are driving search advertising growth. But mastering Google Shopping campaigns requires more than just a basic understanding of bid management and product feeds. You need to engage shoppers with a richer, more intuitive search …

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FAQ: How to get Google Assistant on your Android phone

Excited to get Google Assistant on your Android phone? Until last week, it was only available for Google Pixel phones. Now, it’s rolling out slowly to Android phones beyond that. Here’s how it may come to your phone or why it might not be on it already. Google Assistant is Google’s new digital …

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How we hijacked Google’s SEO guide search rankings

I wanted to share some notes on an experiment my agency performed recently, which resulted in Google believing our website was the canonical version of their own search engine optimization starter guide PDF — and ranking us in place of their own content for “search engine optimization” and thousands of other …

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Google backs away from making its own laptops

Google is focusing on hardware more than it has in the past with the Pixel smartphones, Google Wifi, and Google Home. One product Google doesn’t plan to continue making is laptops, according to Google’s SVP of hardware Rick Osterloh. If you head to the Google Store right now, the Chromebook …

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UPDATED: A visual history of Google ad labeling in search results

In February, Google kicked out the “Ad” label with the green background in favor of a version with a thin green border on a white background. We’ve updated our look back at the way Google has treated ad labeling in its search results, first published July 25, 2016. The debut of Google’s short-lived …

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