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Why’s Everyone Drinking Lemon Water? Experts Weigh In

Photo: Twenty20 You’ve heard that drinking lemon water on the daily has seemingly limitless health benefits, right? The simple beverage is said to aid in weight loss, liver function and healthy digestion. It reduces stress and inflammation, and boosts energy levels, mood and immunity. It gives you fresh breath and …

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Bing Ads Editor for Mac is now available to everyone

After running in beta in the US since last June, Bing Ads Editor is now available globally. The Mac version of the desktop editing tool for Bing Ads campaigns has been at the top of advertisers’ feature requests lists for years. The Mac version has parity with the Windows desktop editor, …

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Everyone got into the tech M&A game in 2016

Neither public markets nor tech giants offered any solace in 2016 for the ever-growing list of private unicorns. There are 180 tech companies circling the runway with valuations over $1 billion, the most in history. While interest in an all-expenses paid trip to the NYSE valuation guillotine was at an …

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Why Everyone You Know Is on the 80/20 Diet

Photo: Pond5 Olivia Munn says the 80/20 diet helped her drop 12 pounds; Cameron Diaz and Miranda Kerr also swear by it. Heck, even weight loss guru Jillian Michaels is a fan. But what’s so special about the 80/20 rule? The general concept is simple: You eat clean, nutrient-dense foods 80 …

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Not everyone wants their hand held when PC gaming

One of the bigger stories this past week was OnLive heading to the UK. The service promises to make PC gaming more accessible by hosting all of the hardware—you simply supply a broadband connection and a Web browser, and you’ll be playing the likes of Mass Effect 2 in no …

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