Stolen BMW Is Remotely Locked With Car Thief Inside


Last week a BMW was stolen in a US and a owners of a automobile alerted a police, a military afterwards alerted BMW.

The BMW that was stolen was a 550i and a owners of a automobile had left a pivotal inside, it was afterwards stolen and when BMW were alerted about a burglary they sealed a car.

When military arrived during a automobile they found a purported burglar of a automobile sealed inside it, a burglar was defunct inside a vehicle.

BMW employees were means to remotely close a car’s doors, trapping a think inside, presumably while hissing something terrifying like “I’m not sealed in here with you, you‘re sealed in here with me” into a car’s sound system.

Officers roused a suspect, who quickly, though unsuccessfully, attempted to expostulate away.

The purported burglar was afterwards arrested for hidden a automobile and also for drug possession.

Source SPD Blotter, Gizmodo

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